School & Life As Usual

Kateri’s first day of school



 Gianna with her teachers Darla (on left) and Glenda



Gianna and Isaiah at their school (Head Start)

Making pancakes with daddy on Sunday, after church!


Aliz having a great time in her jolly jumper, now her routine while we’re eating supper, so that she is not pushed and hauled on by the other kids!




7 thoughts on “School & Life As Usual

  1. Kateri- you look like such a big girl on your first day of school. I like your school. It looks really nice. Gianna and Isaiah- you look like you are having a good time at your school and your teachers seem to really enjoy you. Aliz is having so much fun in her jolly jumper. You all seem to enjoy helping Daddy make breakfast. Way to go. We really like seeing all of your pictures in Telegraph Creek. We’re glad that you are enjoying your treats at the store. too. Lots of Love and God Bless from Grandma and Grandpa. XXX


  2. It’s so great to see your updates. We miss you! Sounds like all is great up there. Keep writing the blog, makes you seem closer. How’s the temperature up there these days?


    • Miss you guys too! Temp. is anywhere between 5 celsius(in the early morning) and 15 celsius, depending on if the sun is out or not. It has been pretty damp as of late, and it even snowed this past week while we were away in Whitehorse, so it must have got down close to 0 celsius.


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