Installation Mass

Today was a very exciting day. We were able to celebrate our first Mass here, with the community, since our arrival. Fr.Kieran drove down from Whitehorse to celebrate Mass in Iskut, Dease Lake, & here, in Telegraph Creek, at 5 pm. Half the day was spent in preparing the community supper, firing up the wood furnace in the Church, and just making sure we had everything together for the celebration of Mass & Reconciliation.

During the celebration of the Mass we were installed as the Pastoral Administrators of St.Theresa’s Catholic Mission. It was a very beautiful installation with us promising on our part that we would seek to support and nurture the parish community in a spiritual manner and the community, on their part, would support us. There were 11 other community members present.

Afterwards we were able to join at the Parish house for supper and fellowship and we were able to meet some members of the community whom we had not yet met.

The Lord is truly blessing this time! We wish we could write more, but we wanted to leave you all with something as we will be leaving early in the morning for Whitehorse. We will be spending Tuesday to Thursday at the pastoral study days for the Diocese of Whitehorse, and then our Holy Family Apostolate meeting on Friday, to arrive back here Saturday evening!




4 thoughts on “Installation Mass

  1. Yay for having Mass!! I hope father left you with a lot of Consecrated Hosts! That’s great that you got the community involved. I hope you have a safe drive to the big city and a good time there.


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