We have come to the realization of how much we can take for granted when it comes to the availability of the sacraments, especially from previously living in southern BC, where in most cities you have the option of attending daily Mass and confession with at least 3 different Masses on either Saturday or Sunday to choose from. The reality of many of the northern missions is Mass once a month. If the community has a pastoral presence(ie. lay ministers) on site then they will have a communion service on all other weekends.

Many of the mission churches across the country, are unable to keep up with the monetary needs for the maintenance, repair, and operating costs of these missions, mainly due to the small populations and sometimes poverty in these communities. Catholic Missions in Canada has supported these mission churches in order that the people of these communities are able to celebrate a Sunday liturgy, in whatever form it may take. And due to the commitment of lay missionaries, religious brothers & sisters or missionary priests they are able to.

In response, we ask for you to join us in prayer for these missions across our country, and specifically northern BC and the Yukon. 

If you have felt an urge on your heart to be able to support the missions monetarily, and if you would like to donate to the Diocese of Whitehorse specifically, to directly help us with our mission here and the urgent needs of the diocese, you can donate here.

If you would like to help support the missions across the country please take a minute to donate to Catholic Missions in Canada. 

Thank you for journeying with us on this mission, and may God speed our prayers along according to His good Will.


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