THE front door is typically painted blue in all the foundations of Madonna House which Catherine Doherty founded. This is because of an ancient saying of Catherine’s people that every front door painted blue in honor of Our Lady brings her blessings on all who pass through it, as well as her divine Son’s grace and mercy.

So also should the doors of our hearts be painted blue. That those whom we open to and share our lives and our hearts with would also receive this blessing and this grace which we have encountered.

There are many ways of thanking the Lord for His infinite gifts to us. And it seemed to us that one of our ways should be by sharing our life journey and our stories about true happenings of God’s love and mercy in our lives; in the life of our family.

Madonna House has been a part of our formation as a family since we started gathering with the Holy Family Apostolate, in 2008, and so we hold their Little Mandate and their spirit close to our hearts and seek to live it out with our lives.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. My dearest Denise and family,
    I am so excited to share in this journey with you, even if it is remotely by phone and blog and email. You have been a loving witness to me for as lot as i have known you and I cherish the love and joy you bring to my life. I am excited to hear about your new adventure in telegraph creek. I will aim to drive up there and visit as soon as I can.


  2. God Bless you- Josh, Denise, Kateri, Gianna, Isaiah and Aliz in your faith journey, as Witnesses of God’s great love. We will miss your presence but know that you are in the arms of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, our models of a perfect family. We love you enough to let you go and share your family with others. May you and those you encounter on this journey be blessed daily with the gifts of Faith, Hope and Love. Love always and forever- Mum and Dad xxx ooo


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