9 thoughts on “Video Tour

  1. Thanks for the virtual tour. Everything looks great and we felt like we were there visiting you. Looks cozy! Lovely church, too. Have a great day. Love Mum and Dad.


    • Thanks for the video tours Denise and Josh. The home looks very comfortable. I like the big mud room and playroom for the kids. I’m trying to figure out how you are going to keep the kids away from the wood furnace?! The church also looks very well looked after. I like that you are just a short walk away from the rec center, store and RCMP building. Great post!
      Jesse and Julia


      • We will be designing some sort of fence that will go across from the bottom of the stair well. We also have an oil heater which will be our main heat. The wood stove will be back up for when it gets really cold. I’m thinking by middle to end of October we may need to fire up the wood stove. I guess we’ll see:)


  2. Thanks for the tour! Hana and Kai kept saying hi to the kids throughout the videos. I think they figure You-tube is like Skype. I told them we’ try and call later this afternoon after school.


  3. Thanks guys! It’s great to have a better idea of where you are! Good thing the kids are already used to sleeping in one room, that makes it so much easier. I will show this to Audrey so she can understand that you’re at a different house 🙂


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