Take up my cross…

Sorry it has taken so long to get this post up. We have been without internet to this point and our posts will be (God-willing) more frequent from here on in. We just had our internet set up earlier today. And we do have high speed DSL out here, believe it or not!

“ I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy… I hold you in my heart, for you are all partakers with me of grace.”                                              – Philippians 1:3-4,7

In getting ready for our move I have been very touched with how many people have said, “You will be in our prayers”, or “We will be praying for you.” I couldn’t help but ponder why would people pray for us now more than they have before, or maybe just voice it more now than they had before. It may sound foolish. Sure we’re making a radical decision, to move to the most isolated community in BC accessible by road. Yes, we will be leaving our family and community, but they will be with us now more than ever in all that we do.

Yes, it will be a challenge. Yes, it will be hard, at times. Yes, it will be joy-filled. Yes, it will be a time full of grace, I am sure.

But isn’t that what the life of a Christian is? Isn’t that what family life is? This is where God has called us at this moment in our lives, and so he has called you yourselves and countless others to their vocations as spouses, mothers, fathers, priests, singles, consecrated lay people, religious brothers and sisters, to be missionaries in our own corner of the world, to bring Christ into our own corner of the world. Is one path more radical than the other? I guess you could make an argument for that. But my point is, we should be praying for and supporting eachother at all times and in all situations through prayer. Maybe you already do, and maybe I’m just over analyzing, but I find I only tend to pray for others when they ask for prayers or when they are going through a challenging time or a particular struggle.

And I believe that this is what prayer is about, that it unites us to others, as we are all united in Christ, even at great distances.

In pondering this I hope to, from now on, be more aware of praying for others on a daily basis; for faithfulness to a spouse and/or to God and for strength and resolve against temptations. Because although our daily needs may not seem significant, living the life of a follower of Christ is a constant choice to pick up our crosses daily and follow Him.


“Take up My cross, their cross, and follow Me”

-The Little Mandate

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We arrived in Telegraph Creek last Wednesday (Aug 27th). The trip went fairly smoothly and the children did amazing. It is great to see how vast our province is and to realize that the leaves on the trees are already turning colour up this way. I still don’t think it has fully hit us yet as to exactly what is happening, but this last week and a half has been such a graced time for us. With having mom & dad Grimard help with the move and some of my siblings as well it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. It has been a gradual transition in some ways, with meeting new friends that we were connected to before we left and getting to meet them in person and also with how welcoming the community has been. Yet also a quick transition as we led a communion service our first Sunday here. I was able to attend a funeral at the community centre Tuesday evening, for one of the elders who had passed away on the weekend, and discovered the Tahltan people are very musical people. Then, earlier today I was involved in the transferring of another person’s ashes from the church to the burial site 15 miles out of town. It is interesting being immersed in a different culture, a different pace of life, and a different way of being. But it was so beautiful to see a people’s love for their friend and relative who had passed, this is one thing that I can relate to and so enter in to their sorrow and their pain. And to realize that we are all on this same journey, of life.

5 thoughts on “Take up my cross…

  1. Hi, guys,,,we are glad to hear that you arrived well there ! I believe that it’ll be one of the most significant experience for you, especially for your children to live out there..! Your way of living
    you had seemed that you kept simple even here in Chilliwack, may be much calmer, refining of God’s Will without much destruction (only kids’ cute noises..haha) !
    With the great nature & people who struggle in such environment, your mission life may find
    a depth to sink into it’s soil, and in your hearts… Cannot imagine you’ll be bored there…!
    God bless you, & looking forward to hear your news/updates. Love, Mari + family


  2. Canada is such a vast country and each area in different territories have it’s unique beauty
    (my dream is to be able to travel places at least in BC. and may be… to visit you guys one day..?!)
    How are you guys…!?!? It must been quite a journey since you left here..!
    Yes, we’ll be praying for your intentions (when we say grace as a family & in my rosary)…, and I ask you to pray for us, too…!
    – May be St. Theresa’s Parish & St. Mary’s can become sister community in prayers…!! –
    One of our prayer intentions is that we can become more aware of the needs of others & be a part of the solutions by giving up more of own interests & deepening the “charity of understanding”, by rolling up sleeves rather than just giving materials…
    You guys are there to be friends with people for the Love of God, it’s a beautiful way in giving
    up yourselves totally. (like apostles did!) Pray for us that we can also live in such a way.., for our
    challenges are also great to live simple, in the midst of our secularized culture…
    Oh also my #1 dream to come to Canada was(& still is) to watch the great ‘Northern Lights’, can
    you see up there…?! (And how are the food, do you have grocery stores like here or different..?!)
    Please say hello to Kateri & Gianna, & hugs to Isaiah & Aliz from Amy & I 🙂
    Looking forward to read more about your lives/journeys !


    • Thanks Mari and hi to Amy! Yes, you are right in the importance of praying for each other where each of us are called to be. It definitely feels easier to live simply here in Telegraph. We have not seen the Northern Lights yet but apparently you can. We haven’t put up pictures yet but it is breathtaking here. We feel really blessed.
      There is a store across the street from us where we can get all our groceries if needed. It’s small but has the essentials. The school and preschool are fantastic withe excellent resources. The RCMP live right next door to us. There is a rec centre with a gym across the street. So for having to be in such a small community there is plenty to do. The people have all been very friendly. Most of all we are enjoying spending more time with the kids. They miss Chilliwack, especially Kateri and Gianna but so far are doing really well. We would love it if you came to visit. It’s good for the soul driving up here!!

      Much love,
      Josh, Denise & family


  3. Yay posts!!! So happy to hear you guys arrived safe and sound. Audrey has been especially diligent in her prayers for your long trip. It’s wonderful that you have already led a Communion Service and so good that you have found things to do in the community. In regards to your words about prayer – you’re absolutely right, but I think you will find that most of us in the south here have always been praying we just got all mushy-mushy when you guys left 🙂
    Say a hello to your neighbours for us. Can’t wait to hear more!!!
    Mary and co.
    P.S. Let us know if there are any light-weight provisions your store doesn’t carry 🙂


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