Where it all began…


… it all started when a man and a woman said “I DO”… Well, it actually started a while before that but let’s skip to the really good part……a man and a woman said “I DO” and life would never be the same again. Shortly after this momentous day their hearts were drawn to the idea of being missionaries in their own country, through the witness of their family life. God’s ways aren’t always our ways and so, even though the desire and the zeal were there, God’s timing was yet to be revealed. Six grace filled years of marriage and four kids later they found themselves packing to move to Telegraph Creek; the most remote community in BC accessible by road.

Of course there is much more to the story, so come along with us and share in encountering God’s joy, grace, and mercy, as the rest of our story unfolds.

We hope you enjoy sharing in our journey with us!


13 thoughts on “Where it all began…

  1. WOW! What a gift to share with all those that are wondering “where are you going?”
    We are excited for your journey ahead!
    Our love, prayers and blessings go with you!
    Philemon 1:6-7
    Mom & Dad 🙂


  2. Oh, are we ever so glad for this blog! It’s a way to stay connected while you’re away. Have a wonderful journey up north and we’ll be praying for you. We love you guys! The Osborne Clan.


  3. Thank you for choosing to document your new life for us all! We look forward to hearing all about life in Telegraph Creek. What a lucky community to get you guys!!! Much love from Randy, Mary, Monica, Francis, Gerard, and Cecilia


  4. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” (Matt 9:37-38) You now are the laborers going into the harvest! What an exciting adventure, what a sacrifice for God! May God Bless you all on your journey. Our prayers are with you and we will have the holy sacrifice of the Mass offered for you at St. Anthony’s Parish in Calgary. Deacon Ron and Sandra Fortier


  5. It’s so great that you have all arrived safely in your new home in Telegraph Creek. May you be richly blessed! God Bless and much Love. Mum and Dad( Kelowna). xxx ooo


  6. We hope you reached your destination safely and that your are getting settled nicely into your new home. We miss you guys already but look forward to following your journey through your blog!
    Ken, Julie-Ann, Hana and Kai


  7. So excited for all of you!! We’ll keep you in our prayers.
    Happy Adventure!! Keep the wind to your backs!!
    God will provide.
    The Ungers


  8. How lovely to hear from your Mom (Chris) what you are doing! As an old schooner, almost into port, I will follow the workings of God through you, his young workers, with enthusiasm, gratitude and prayer. Jan Schredl and mob


    • ” God’s ways aren’t always our ways ”
      No! Our way, our real our is our way, everything else is belief and therefore not reality and therefore not morality for; what exists is what works and what works is what’s right (morality). Underneath what you think is you is the real you and that is the only way for you, everything else is bunk. Bill


  9. Thanks for this blog to keep us up to date, we love it! Congratulations and all the best, you have a beautiful family and are a blessing to us all by your open willingness and surrender to the call of Christ! Many prayers and much love, The Bouwman clan


  10. Congratulations on your new journey!
    Your decision to live a life of service to others and God is one that takes great courage, sacrifice and hard work, but with your special dedication, perseverance, zeal and love for God, I´m sure you will find lots of joy, satisfaction, peace and happiness, especially God´s grace and mercy.
    My admiration, prayers, love and best wishes for all of you. I can´t wait to start reading all your experiences and see how God is working through you and in you.
    What a big example your life is to all of us. I´m so proud and feel very bless to know you.
    Hugs, Luch


  11. My husband and I were blessed to see your beautiful family at Mass at the Cathedral in Victoria on Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017. We were visiting from our home in Tampa, and I was immediately intrigued by your story, and I wanted to know more. I’m so glad you have this blog to share your journey–we also have 3 girls and 2 boys, in that order, like yours! Of course ours are grown now, but it seems like yesterday they were little, and I love seeing the happy, healthy faces of your little tribe growing up in such natural beauty and in service to others. God Bless you as you continue your walk–please know that you have evangelized others very far away–I look forward to sharing your story with other families in Florida. Warm Regards– Annette Fly (and husband Ron, soon to be permanent deacon in the Diocese of St. Petersburg). ps–I also enjoy the Sunday reflections!


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