Summer Recap


Our happy little Tobias!

Gianna’s preschool graduation!

The last 2 weeks of June we travelled to Juneau, Alaska for Denise to take the second half of her Level 1 Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training.

We played at the park in Skagway while were waiting for the ferry. We also took some time to take in some local historical sights, including an old hearth(top right) which is all that is left of an old building run by one of the hearty pioneering women of the goldrush age.


Playing on the “beach” at the Mendenhall Wetlands (in Juneau), with our friends. The tide was out, leaving these sandy little rivers winding through the wetlands.

Going for a hike, with our friend, and picking wild blueberries, which were everywhere.


Hiking at Mt.Roberts, after taking the tram up. Some people that we met on the trail were enthralled by our family and asked us if they could take a picture of us, for us:) 


The kids were mesmerized by all of the different sea creatures at the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery

The touch tanks were pretty great also; starfish, urchins, crabs and sea cucumbers.

Working on marshmallow/toothpick creations at our friend’s house. It was very nice to have a place to stay with other people and have 2 friends to play with. Their hospitality was wonderful and made our stay in Juneau that much more memorable.

More creations and blueberry picking, again. Pretty much any time the kids were outside they would be looking for and picking wild blueberries.


The Merciful Love Labyrinth at the Shrine of St.Therese


On the beach at the Shrine


Hiking on the old Flume Trail in Juneau




Back home from Juneau, Aliz was very excited to celebrate her baptism anniversary


Tobias’ first time in the jolly jumper. His times in it are short as his big brothers and sisters can’t help swinging him back and forth! With a narrow doorway it makes it rather dangerous.


Summer bike rally with the RCMP. The Tahltan elders complex is in the background


Stopping for a slushy in Cache Creek as we head south for a couple weeks

Hanging out with their new cousin, Christine


We are Godparents for our new niece. She was baptized in Castlegar

At the park in Castlegar


Playing games with the cousins. Be it Prince George, the Kootney’s, the Okanagan or the Lower Mainland we are blessed to have family to visit wherever we go!


At the pool, at Uncle John & Auntie Ana’s in Kelowna. Kelowna is the best in the summer!


Flying with Grandpa during our time in Chilliwack. We flew over the city and city limits. We all had a blast! We even saw Granny wave to us as we flew over Granny & Grandpa’s house.


We camped for 1 night at Tyhee Lake on our way back home, so we went down to hang out on the beach for a little bit. Beautiful spot. Telkwa and Smithers are breath taking places!


Visiting with our friends (Our Whitehorse family), at Totogga Lake Resort, as we cross paths (they were heading south and we were heading north)

(below) Posing with animal mounts at Tatogga Lake Resort. Aliz was completely freaked out!

After getting back from our trip south Josh went out to Good Hope Lake to put a new roof, as well as fixing up the front porch that was rotten, on the church there.

During the first week of August we hosted a Bible Camp sponsored by our twinned parish St.Andrew’s Cathedral in Victoria. Fr.Harrison, Deacon Michael, Will, & Karl came to help us.

A nature hike to collect sticks for making crosses (left). Deacon Michael helping Aliz make her cross (right).



Singing songs. Awesome God was a hit. As you noticed whenever we sang most of the kids held their crosses so high. “Jesus is the most powerful” one of them said.


Procession to the church. Kids love processions and it helped to quiet their hearts for church time.

‘Recycled creations’ projects, and ‘recycled’ tabernacles 



Going for a hike on the south ridge trail, above town on one side and the Stikine River on the other side.


The closing bbq supper

We summarized the Bible Camp in a write-up that we put together:

Transformation was the theme for our Bible Camp here at St.Theresa’s Catholic Mission in Telegraph Creek, BC this past August. Five days filled with music, crafts, games, and the message of the Gospel. If you’ve ever spent time with children you know that you can only hold their attention spans for a couple minutes at a time. So it was great to see them taken in by the dynamism of the newcomers: 2 young men, a deacon, and a priest, from your diocese of Victoria. These 4 young men; Karl, Will, Deacon Michael, and Fr.Harrison, brought an infusion of energy and realness that comes from giving your life to Christ and really living for Him, and we could tell the kids could feel it by their response. With a small attendance, the same number of adults as children, it was a beautiful experience both for the adults and the children present because it was so intimate.

We started out with Fr.Harrison introducing who Jesus is, that he was and is a real person, and what the cross is. A nature hike followed as the young ones collected sticks to make their own crosses. It was beautiful to see, afterwards, their excitement as we were singing songs and they were raising their handmade crosses to “Our God is an awesome God.” To the singing of “Jesus I trust in you” they processed with their crosses to the altar in the church, before a closing celebration of the Mass.

Day two saw us making recycled creations with a group of a couple friends, emphasizing that we become friends with someone by spending time with them and getting to know them. We talked about how Jesus is a friend who wants to spend time with us.

From friendship, going with our transformation theme, we moved in to talking about the Eucharist; Karl shared that Jesus makes himself present to us and that during Mass we join with the whole communion of saints and angels praising God as one. The children made their own tabernacles and repeated their daily procession to the altar in the church.

On day four we moved to the topic of prayer; that we can talk to Jesus as we would talk to a friend on the telephone. Fr.Harrison taught the “Jesus” prayer and blessed rosaries were handed out, as gifts, on which we prayed “Jesus” for each bead of the five decades.

On Saturday we closed off our camp with a visual presentation on the gifts of baptism; the water, holy oils, and Jesus as our light which we carry with us. The church community joined us in our closing Mass followed by a BBQ and farewell to Fr.Harrison, Deacon Michael, Will, and Karl.

Over the past two years in our time here, as lay pastoral administrators, we have never felt such incredible support, knowing the cost of this endeavor and coordinating 4 people to travel all this way and yet also the infusion of life that it brought into our family and the community here. Being able to close each day with the celebration of the Mass was a real blessing, as we only ever have Mass out here once a month. It is great to see the Lord working in His faithful, and it is equally wonderful when you get to be on the receiving end of what feels like, and what truly are, abundant blessings.

Praise the Lord!

Swimming lessons at Sawmill lake(pictures below also). Funny to think we thought our kids would never get actual swimming lessons while we were up here. We felt very blessed when this opportunity came up:)

Shelling peas from the community garden, and putting stickers(from Grandma) in their sticker books


A hiking trip with our friends, while we were camping down at Glenora for 2 days. The kids didn’t want to travel anywhere so we opted for camping 20 minutes down the road:)


Hudson’s Bay Flats (with our neighbours); the location of the old Hudson’s Bay Company building


Our campsite at Glenora

Shooting archery, and making a new friend from the Czech Republic. We thought we would be the only people camping down at Glenora. But there were people from Czech Republic, Germany and Victoria. It was quite something as we usually don’t get to see the tourists that come in. 


Making canned beats. Effie said it was okay to use her picture 🙂 It was great; eight women, one day and about 15 dozen beet jars canned! The beets were all from the community garden.

Celebrating the Coronation of Mary


Celebrating Isaiah’s 4th birthday

Josh attended a men’s camp. This is a picture of Telegraph Creek, quite a ways up the creek from town.

Drum making and decorating at the camp

Supper cooking over the fire and visiting with the elders before a community supper at men’s camp.



Our monthly visit for Mass, this time with seminarian Guy(on left) and Fr.Kieran


The Salt & Light film crew came to town to film for one of their upcoming documentaries, “A Woman’s Place.”

At the old cemetery, looking down to ‘Old Town’


The film crew(L to R); David, Sheridan, & George

Playing games at our friends’ house, the Lefebvre’s, in Whitehorse. Salt & Light was also filming all of us there. It was a neat experience for all of us!



Playing at the park



First day of school



Gianna & Kateri are in the same class!



Re-roofing St.Theresa’s


Celebrating the Nativity of Mary with blueberry tarts:) Arnold joined us for supper as he was helping with the church roof.

Another job well done, with helpers Arnold & John


Fishing at Sawmill Lake


A good catch, all by herself! Kateri’s first fish! We cooked it for supper the next day! She was over the moon!



Fr.Kieran receiving our farewell gift, a pair of mittens and socks knitted by one of the elders that comes to church. It was possibly his last visit to Telegraph Creek before he departs back to his communities’ mother house in Combermere, Ontario. 


Dawn(L) & Beth(R) from Mary House also came down with Fr.Kieran for a visit. We will miss him!


Tobias first taste of food, rice cereal


4 thoughts on “Summer Recap

  1. Hello dear friends, it’s been far too long. We often think and speak of your family. When will you come visit us in Victoria?
    God bless your family.
    Ian, Reine, Christina, and Leah


  2. Loved all of the pictures. Wow, what an amazing journey! You are blessed to have so many good people in your lives and they are blessed to have all of you among them. God Bless- Love Mum and Dad/ Grandma and Grandpa


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