Vacations & Celebrations

It’s been a while since we posted an actual photo update, so here it goes. We went on holidays for most of the month of March(for 3 weeks) so that has delayed this quite a bit, especially with being tossed in to the Holy Week/Easter festivities as soon as we got back. But we’re back on our feet and things seem to be getting back in to more of a routine.

To start off our vacation, we stayed in Terrace with the Vandenberg family on our first night(who also really enjoy board games) and the second night at our sister and brother-in-law’s in Prince George. The hospitality was so wonderful after long days of driving. Thank-you!

It’s always so great getting to catch up with family and friends which takes us to a bit of a different space than when we are living in a place where we are doing ministry 100% of the time; just a bit more relaxed. We had such an amazing time with Josh’s family in Chilliwack(spending about 1 week there) and really cherished the quality time, especially since we figured it would be a while before we would get to see them again. We also were able to catch up with quite a few of our friends, but obviously with such a time constraint were not able to see everyone that we had hoped to. We know that we are all still united in prayer! We also had the opportunity to spend 1 week in Kelowna, with Denise’s family, where we had the opportunity to partake in the festivities of a family wedding and a baptism. Amidst the schedule of visiting we were able to gather our restock of supplies and groceries. When our time had drawn to a close we were excited about heading home, back to Telegraph Creek. We missed the quietness and the routine, but felt so blessed in our time we had with family. Sadly, we somehow misplaced or deleted most of our pictures from our vacation:( (which included all of our time in Chilliwack) So our words here and the pictures of our mind’s eye will have to suffice!

Bannock(& popcorn), books, & a movie at the school, for the Scholastic Book Fair!


Riding bikes and helping Grandpa Tom pick up sticks(Kelowna)!


Happy early Easter!


Grandma & Isaiah’s leaning tower of blocks. I honestly can’t remember how many times it was repeated, but when it got so tall that it fell over, it would start from the ground up all over again!


Kateri became best friends with a garter snake, which she named Alivia!


It’s nail time with Auntie Joelle:)


Surprise! Yummy plastic cauliflower!

We had a very blessed Holy Week, despite how busy it was. We were blessed to have the presence of Fr.Harrison, from Victoria,  for Palm Sunday Mass and the Easter Vigil. And we were even able to have a weekday Mass with Adoration & Benediction.

It was very special leading the Holy Week services on Holy Thursday and Good Friday; being so involved with the planning really helped us to enter in to the mystery and spirit of it all. I also celebrated my first funeral. It was such an honour to be asked to celebrate and I felt that it was a very blessed time; to be able to share our support for the community and especially the family involved. It is never an easy time, but it was a celebration of a life well lived and an opportunity for all to draw closer in love and support.


Blessing the fire (Easter Vigil)


Colouring Easter eggs.


Celebrating Kateri’s birthday with her homemade “Treasure Island” cake. We had her class over to our house to play games, roast hot dogs, and eat lots of cake!


Celebrating Gianna’s baptism anniversary with ice cream sundaes. Our good friends, the Steiner family, were also in town for the day to visit us!

boy ladybug & spider girl


Kateri learning to ride her bike!


Hooray; all by yourself!


“Look mommy, look daddy!”


Face painting by mommy


Myself & Constable Evan went for a hike to get conditioned for our week and a half trek through Mt.Edziza Provincial Park in early June. I was a little over ambitious, loading my pack to about 60 lbs, but I survived:$

One thought on “Vacations & Celebrations

  1. Thanks for the latest update. It was so good to have you all here for a week and to see you all settled nicely back home. Aliz is sure doing well with her walking, at the same time that Kateri has mastered the bike. Isaiah looks like he enjoys his rider bike. Gianna is a lovely butterfly with Mummy’s painting help. Josh and Denise- you are doing such amazing work! God Bless. Love Mum and Dad/ Grandma and Grandpa.


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