Holidays – slight change & details!





So, our holidays have taken a slight twist and change since we posted last. We realized a while after that we were not going to have nearly enough time to spend with family and friends, and so we decided to take an extra week, although we realize that this will still feel rushed.  We have 4 weeks out of the year that we are able to allot for vacation, and so have decided that we will now be taking our holidays from March 9th – 27th. With 6 days of travel, round trip, stopping in Terrace with friends and in Prince George to visit my sister and brother-in-law, we now will have about 1 week in Chilliwack and 1 week in Kelowna.

We will spend our first week in Chilliwack, arriving on the evening of March 10. On Saturday March 14th we will be attending a potluck supper/get-together at the Osborne’s (in Ryder Lake). This will take place starting at 4 pm, so please bring food to share and join us (if you need directions just e-mail us). All are invited, especially our church community. We are extremely excited about this and hopefully we will get some time to catch up with many of you, if not all of you, although our time will be short!We will also be attending the 9:30 Mass on Sunday at St. Mary’s.

We will be departing from Chilliwack and arriving in Kelowna on March 17th. We will be attending Denise’s cousin’s wedding on Saturday, so it will be nice to have lots of time with extended family to catch up:) We will be departing from Kelowna on March 25th, to head home!








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