It seems like time has flown by since we last posted our happenings, and it has! Our biggest highlight was the surprise we got when Josh’s parents pulled in on Friday night(Dec 5) while we were visiting with a member of the community. We were visiting and decorating cookie tree ornaments when all of a sudden a vehicle came barreling down our driveway. Looking out the window we were shocked to see a vehicle, let alone Josh’s parents, driving up to  the house. It took a few seconds before we even registered, well maybe it took a little longer than that. But what an incredible surprise. The kids were also very shocked. We realized what being away from family for that long does, especially when you are used to seeing them so often. The big eyes and strange looks didn’t last too long though. We were able to spend lots of time together over the weekend, one of the beauties of living somewhere where there isn’t really any other distractions or places to go. Jordan and Josh took a trip down the road to the Tahltan River, the Grand Canyon of the Stikine, and the ‘lava beds'(rock formations/terrain, along the road, formed by old lave flows), about a 50 minute round trip, as it was Jordan’s first time up and had arrived during the night. Two of Josh’s siblings, Elijah & Shaelyn, were eager to get in board games, as they were my two regular gaming partners and I think were feeling a little bit of with withdrawal. It was great having the family addition to our regular Saturday games night. We also got to spend time tobogganing, painting in the snow, gingerbread house making, impromptu adoration, and enjoyed an early Christmas feast. What a true blessing it was; the best Christmas present ever!


Like the mini-wheat beard?

IMG_3011_2 P1190004 P1180998 P1180997  P1180990P1190007 P1180966 P1180963 P1180954 P1180946 P1180941  photo 4-6  photo 2-6P1180906photo 1photo 2-5

We had the opportunity to attend a skating party/potluck in Glenora. It was really neat because it was a very family oriented event, with 11 kids in attendance. We had a fire on the frozen pond, skating, and a great potluck dinner! We had a family with 2 little ones join us, from i think about 25 kms downriver, where they live in a cabin. What a neat story to hear about, and so if you think we live at the end of the earth…

P1190091 P1190090 P1190084 P1190079 P1190078 P1190074


celebrating Denise’s baptism anniversary!

P1190050 P1190047 P1190015Making gingerbread houses at the Rec Centre!

We attended the Community Christmas Dinner, last week, and had a great time! Santa Claus showed up and brought gifts for all the children. He was vey generous this year:)


Kateri’s prize for winning the primary colouring contest at the school!


Isaiah’s cookie and bean pole concoction!

P1190125 P1190127

Josh drove down to Terrace last Friday to pick up Denise’s sister, a 16 hour round trip. They stayed with the Vandenberg’s, a Catholic home-schooling family that were friends with our friends:) One of the great things about being up north is the opportunity we are getting to meet such amazing people.

We haven’t really got much more snow here, only 4 to 5 inches in total. The ice rink recently got finished, so we took the opportunity to go skating and sip some hot chocolate.

P1190148  P1190154 P1190155 P1190162 P1190143P1190169 P1190173

We got together with a couple of people from the church community to decorate the church for the Christmas season. Afterwards we had a light lunch!

P1190200 P1190202 P1190203 P1190217 P1190220 P1190223  P1190230 P1190237 P1190257 P1190259


2 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. Love this post guys! It made me smile to read how your wonderful family surprised you by driving up to visit! Awesome!!! And how great that Denise’s sister could visit! Looks like a beautiful start to the Christmas season…enjoy the full 12 days 🙂


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