2 thoughts on “Holy Family Apostolate

  1. WOW this is really well done! We are currently in Lop Buri Thailand visiting my son and his family. Stephan is our first grandson! Sister Mary Clair had just finished taking us to the Buddhist AIDS clinic and the dump to visit the people. Temperatures here vary from 30 to 35 degrees (above 0) I appreciate your web/blog/ apostolate. God bless Denis

    From: the BLUE DOOR Reply-To: the BLUE DOOR Date: Wednesday, 19 November, 2014 1:47 PM To: Denis P Bruneau Subject: [New post] Holy Family Apostolate

    WordPress.com joshuaanddenise posted: “Just added a new page about the HFA, a group that we meet with in Whitehorse! Check it out here, or go to the HFA page link at the top of the home page!”


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