Fighting back the frigid!

I guess we could almost call this week ‘Renovation Week’, with all of the renovation type things we managed to get done. Starting with the bathroom fan we decided to install one that had over twice the output, and boy did that make a difference. The one night the temperature had dropped down and the condensation we think had either frozen in the exhaust line or just accumulated so much that we had water dripping down from the fan on the floor the whole next day. So with installing the new fan as well as insulating the exhaust line I think we have it covered:) We installed new roofing on the overhang that had never been done when the carport was added on, I guess the contractor shortchanged himself or something, and kinda caulked the broken plumbing stack so that it would hold until we can get a proper coupler next time we are in town. The snow had broken it off last winter, with the roofing being switched over from asphalt shingles to metal. We also installed a motion sensor light at our front entry and fixed 3 of the broken kneelers in the church. Needless to say, we still have to fix a broken window on the church, but it seemed to me that there may be an extra one in the basement, and who knows what else we’ll find. It works out quite good being handy so that we can do all these things with limited expense. It felt really good to be doing physical work again, especially roofing, but it was just a small taste, to keep the passion alive:) But we’re probably boring you with all of this renovation talk:)


Josh, installing roofing on carport overhang!


Kateri’s pretty good with the camera!


For those of you who are roofers! Check out my home made snow guard. We’ll see how it holds up. (The things you do when the closest hardware store is 8 hours away!)


Half way there!

We had 4 people join us for praying the rosary on Wednesday. The children seem to be getting a little more used to the fact that it is quiet time and they did very well.

We also had the monthly school awards at Kateri’s school. She definitely was’t going to get the perfect attendance award, being that we were gone to Whitehorse for the last 2 days of September and the first couple in October, and she didn’t get any other awards, but she was fairly positive and we told her to keep trying hard. It was really neat hearing from one of her classmates Grandma’s, who attends church regularly, that her grandson is hearing all about God, from Kateri. That made us proud!!


Kateri & Aliz at the awards assembly

Our new computer has arrived and we must say, this whole process of blogging is now 95% easier. What a difference:)

Aliz had her first go at real food, starting with sweet potatoes. We have a video that we will get up for y’all to see, hopefully soon!

P1180419 P1180422 P1180418

On Friday we had the opportunity to have a wiener roast out behind our house with our neighbours. It was planned short notice, but we ended up have a great time just catching up and trying to stay warm with the temperature plummeting as the sun started to go down. By the end of it we had the wife and 2 kids of the other constable, who was out of town on training, join us, as they had just arrived from back east after being on vacation, and the fill-in constable join us as well. We are enjoying our time outside before the snow flies and the temperature gets that much colder!

On Saturday one of the ladies that we know from church, Diane(and her daughter, Maria) Pakula, invited us over to her place, up above Glenora(about a 30 minute drive), for supper. She had also invited another young Christian family that also live up in Glenora, the Anderson’s. They have 2 kids, Anna(age 7) and Isaiah(age 3). We had such a wonderful time, staying for about 5.5 hours. The kids had a blast with eachother, and we had a great time visiting.

On the swings at Diane's place!

On the swings at Diane’s place!


Today, at 2 pm, Denise took communion to one of the ladies who is homebound. Being that Denise had never done this before, it was really beautiful. The lady was so thankful and really enjoyed the company. It will be good to get to know her more and made us realize we should do a little more work at finding out who else in the community is in need of visits. And then Fr.Kieran joined us for Mass at 5 pm. The kids were so excited to see him and came charging out the door of the house to greet him. Kateri and Gianna both said their favourite part of the day was seeing Father Kieran. One realizes how special the presence of a priest is when you only get to see one once a month! There were 16 people in attendance, the most to date, and they all came over for a potluck supper afterwards. Mass ended up being such a crazy house with the kids. We are still trying to figure out how to manage it, but we’re hoping it will work out in time, with patience:!

P1180404 P1180407 P1180427

3 thoughts on “Fighting back the frigid!

  1. Well, you sure have been busy with renovations, Parish Ministry and community building. Keep up the great work and hopefully the snow stays away for awhile. The kids are so cute and must be having such a good time. Good for you Kateri in sharing your faith. Lots of Love and God Bless. Mum and Dad/ Grandma and Grandpa


  2. I can’t believe Aliz is old enough to eat real food!!! 🙂 Love hearing about your everyday life. I will be calling you this week. And FYI, Audrey has added your family to her prayer at every meal now hahaha!


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