A successful outing!

With the kids being off school on Fridays (they attend the Head Start program M-Th) we took them on a short trip up the road, yesterday. So, we don’t actually live at the end of the road! An 18 km trek down the gravel road led us to the old and fairly non-existent historic settlement of Glenora. What I mean by fairly non-existent is that we couldn’t find it, but assumed a little kind of fishing camp had taken over where it used to be. I’m sure it was a bustling settlement back in the gold rush.


The road to Glenora follows the Stikine River and there are some very scenic views along the way. About 3.5 kms out of town is where the power line stops, so everyone past there is, “off grid”, running on solar panels, etc. There is even a lovely bed & breakfast place out there, so if anyone is interested in coming up here to get away from it all; hint, hint, wink, wink. There are also 2 separate fishing camps, used by the Tahltan people mainly during the month of July. They have a big music festival and ‘culture camps’, where they teach the children about fishing, canning fish, crafting, etc.


We got to the end of the road looking for Glenora but, as I said, didn’t really find much of anything. The main road led straight out onto the sandy beach along the river. As we were driving in a man approached us, completely soaked and muddy from elbows down. Mark and his wife, Janette, were up on holidays from Vancouver Island and had driven down the sandy shore of the river about half a km. but when they tried to turn around had hit a soft spot and got stuck. They had been digging for 2 days, trying to get their truck out. Needless to say they were very excited that we had a truck with 4 wheel drive and were willing to pull them out. It took a whole 30 seconds and in the end we found a great spot for a picnic lunch along the river, making sure we were parked on the hard packed part of the beach.


By the time the kids played in the sand and the water and we loaded up and got back home there was only one child left awake! A very successful outing!


3 thoughts on “A successful outing!

  1. 2 Days! Wow! – You can’t fool around up there, little mistakes can be very costly. As for the B&B sounds great! I know I’d like to get up there, the closest I’ve been is Dease Lake.

    I used to drive for my tree planting crew so I miss those roads.

    Thanks for keeping us posted, you all continue to be in our prayers.


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