It was crazy reading the Gospel from yesterday (Luke 21.5-19)! Crazy, because it was almost like I was reading the daily world news in Jesus’ response to his disciples about the temple and “when there shall not be left one stone upon another that will not be thrown down.”:

-“Nation will rise against nation…” v.10

-“…there will be great earthquakes and…famines…” v.11

-“…wars and insurrections…” v.9

-persecution of the Church v.12

-people turning against each other v.16

What Jesus speaks of that will happen, before the end, is happening right now! Are we at the end? We very well could be! But that doesn’t really matter.

You may be thinking, ‘Well of course it matters. What do you mean that being at the end doesn’t matter?’

I say this because we really need to focus on what does really matter! Jesus warns us not to be led astray, in verse 8.

what DOES matter?

Remaining faithful & enduring, in faith and hope.

If it is the end, or even if it isn’t, what should we be doing?

Remaining faithful & enduring, in faith and hope.

All is in Gods hands, including you and me.
Even, and especially, in our everyday tasks, our work, and our responsibilities(2 Thess. 3.7-12), it is essential to seek God and keep walking toward Him. Keep your eyes on Him. Keep your thoughts on Him.

There is so much in this world drawing our attention away from Him, with everything around us and in us: the needs, hurts, brokenness, distractions, temptations to pleasure to ‘unplug’ and ‘escape’, and false promises of security. We worry about missing out and we worry for our children and grandchildren and their futures.
Amidst all of this remain faithful to Him; this is your testimony(Luke 21.13).

Everything we rely on in this world will one day pass away, BUT He will not!

Remain faithful. Endure in faith, that all is in God’s hands, and endure in hope in what does last, Heaven!

Lord, I pray for the grace today to endure, to fix my eyes on that which does not pass away, and to endure in faith and hope in your promise, remaining faithful to you. Amen

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